Venture Crew 190 - Venturing's Six Experience Areas

Venturing's Six Experience Areas
Citizenship Develop a better understanding of America's governmental system. Learn the rights and expectations of citizenship. Encourage a pride in our American heritage.
Service Gain a respect for the basic rights of others. Develop the skills and desire to help others and set goals for a life of service.
Fitness Improve mental and emotional fitness. Enhance physical fitness and an appreciation for recreation, and prepare for a lifetime of fitness.
Social Instill stable personal values firmly bsaed on religious concepts. Develop skills in dealing with all people and encourage a sense of family and community responsibility.
Leadership Prepare to give leadership and to fulfill our responsibility to American society and to the people of the world. Create opportunities for decision making and goal setting, and for developing confidence and independence of judgment.
Outdoor Develop a degree of self-reliance based on courage, initiative, and resourcefulness. Understand and appreciate the wise use of resources and the protection of our environment.

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