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Bronze Award Requirements


     One of the stengths of the Venturing program is its ability to meet the interests of all Venturers. Sometimes, Venturers like to investigate new, differnet areas, such as an arts and hobbies crew going whitewater rafting or learning first aid. Variety in a crew always seems to make it more fun to go to meetings and weekend outings.      Also, you as an individual Venturer probably have many interests or would like to have more. Because of that desire on your part and to give you a pathway to many different experiences, the Venturing Bronze Award is wide open to you. You can earn your crew specialty's Bronze Award, pick out a different one you like, or even earn them all. It's up to you!

The Venturing Bronze Awards are:

Youth Ministries
Arts and Hobbies
Outdoor (Half of Ranger Award is needed for Silver Award credit.)
Ordinary (Half of Sea Scouting Quartermaster Award is needed for Silver Award credit.)


Earn at least one of the five Venturing Bronze Awards.

Bronze Award Device

     When you complete the requirements for a particular Bronze Award, you will earn a Bronze Award device similar to a military campaign ribbon that you may wear on your uniform. Earning the whole Sea Scouting Quartermaster or Venturing Ranger Award requires a greater challenge; each has a distinctive award of its own. For more information on these two challenging awards, check out the Sea Exploring Manual and the Ranger Guidebook. You can earn all five Bronze Awards as well as the Quartermaster and Ranger awards.

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