Venture Crew 190 - Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Requirements


     Being prepared has always been one of the key tenets of Scouting. Being prepared continues to to be important for today's action-oriented, can-do-anything Venturers. Venturers must be prepared to take care of themselves as well as be ready to serve others when called. When faced with an emegency situation, people react in various ways. Some people leave, some panic, some do nothing at all, and some respond. Venturers should be prepared to respond!


     (a)Become certified in Standard First Aid or equivalent course. If you choose the American Red Cross Standard First Aid version of the course, the curriculum includes how to recognize an emergency and overcome the reluctance to act; how to recognize and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults (training to care for infants and children is optional); and how to identify and care for life-threatening bleeding, sudden illness, and injury. The course is approximately 6 1/2 hours. Your Standard First Aid certification will expire three years from the date of issue. Your CPR certification will expire one year from the date of issue.

If you hold an unexpired certification in this or a higher course, you can receive credit for this requirement. However, you must be currently certified at the time of your Silver Award crew review. You are encouraged to get certified as soon as possible and stay certified. For this requirement you are not required to seek a higher certification, but you are encouraged to get certifications in higher-level courses such as First Aid Responding to Emergencies or Emergency Response. You will be even more prepared.

Note: If you need help finding an American Red Cross instructor in your area, call your local Red Cross chapter. For literature, call toll-free 1-800-667-2968.

(b) Become certified in CPR. You can take a stand-alone CPR course or take it as part of another course such as Standard First Aid. Please remember that CPR certification lasts only for one year, at which time you will need a refresher course. Like Standard First Aid, it is good to always be current in your CPR certification. You most likely will get an opportunity to use your skill in saving a life.

(c) Complete the BSA Safe Swim Defense training course. In this course, you will learn how each of the eight points of the Safe Swim program affects safe crew swimming activities. You will learn that qualified supervision and discipline are the two most important points, upon which the other points rely. You will also learn how to set up a safe swim area. Any BSA aquatics resource person, your crew Advisor, or other council authorized individual can provide the training course for you. Use Safe Swim Defense, No. 34370, and Safe Swim Defense Training Outline, No. 19-417.

Either lead or participate in a groupswim using BSA Safe Swim Defense. Swimming can be a great way for you and your crew members to stay fit and to have fun. To ensure that you and your friends will continue to do just that, always insist you use Safe Swim Defense.

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